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Hikaru a Day

Your daily dose of Yaotome Hikaru

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Basic info

* Name: Hikaru Yaotome (八乙女光)
* Profession: Singer & actor
* Date of birth: December 2, 1990
* Birthplace: Miyagi
* Height: 172 cm
* Weight: 52 kg
* Blood type: O
* JPop group Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! BEST, Ya-ya-yah, Kitty (GYM), TU→YU
* Talent agency: Johnny & Associates
* Entered JE: December 2, 2002

Random facts
He was working at a different agency before he auditioned for Johnny's & Associates on his 12th birthday. In January 2003, he was selected as the new member of Ya-Ya-yah after an audition on the Ya-Ya-yah tv show.

In the summer of 2006 he was chosen (along with Kitayama Hiromitsu and Totsuka Shota) to support the women's volleyball team along with GYM (Thai popstars Golf-Mike and Yamapi).


# He's scared of cats.
# His mother's a health freak, which has rubbed off on him.
# He listens to a lot of western music (and a variety of genres)
# He can play the bass and the guitar.
# His parents named him Hikaru because they wanted him to have a character with 6 strokes.
# He has two older brothers and a sister. Rumour has it his parents have been divorced since he was in middle school and that Yaotome is his mother's name and that he was born as Sasaki Hikaru (this has never officially been confirmed, though).
# He wrote the lyrics to Ya-Ya-yah's 'Ima Susumou' and the music for 'Tears and Smile', his duet with Yabu.

See this post for credits of pretty much everything that gets posted here.