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14 October 2011 @ 03:38 pm
Resignation + Mod search!  
Hi guys :) Long time no see! 

I'm back to fandom I hope, but that also means that I realized how easy it is for me to leave. I also realized that with my schoolwork and stuff it would be impossible for me to continue modding so many comms, and hence I would be resigning from posting here ): I had fun while it lasted but nowadays I can't make sure that I have time to post everyday so, yeah. 

In any case, to keep this comm going, blozzom_zone and I are looking for 2 new mods for this comm to help Hara out with posting! I guess we can operate by a shift system (1 mod takes a week, and then swap, and then swap), something like that. If you think you can take on the job comment with the following:

Name:  (whatever you want to be known as)
Time spent on internet everyday/Can you get on the internet everyday?:
Roughly how many pictures of Hikaru you have in stock:
Do you know where to get pictures? If yes, where do you get them from and do you know how to credit properly?:
Do you make gifs?: (not a determining factor, but it would be cool if you could :))

Comments are screened, and we'll announce the new mods in about a week or so I guess :)